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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Letter of the day : #F

With 2.6 Bn Monthly active users, with over a bn users from the Asia-Pacific region the #facebook platform is one top platforms to advertise.

Close to a 1.7 Bn daily active users, having about 80% of the user demographic aimed at 24-50 segment, this is ideal for networking and like-minded folks.

They have over 30k employees globally that support this effort and help in developing and growing this platform which has 100 Mn lines of code.

It has 90 Mn small #businesses today and 500 Mn daily users who use the stories feature.

There are 7 Mn active Facebook advertisers with 3 Mn using Storied AD's.

Average time a person spends on facebook is 5 mins a day with more than 50% of the users visiting it multiple times a day. The news feed stories are also used by 10% of the audience daily.

Coming to other features, such as games, this is consumed by 700 Mn monthly players and the search feature crossed a massive 4 Bn searches daily!

The no of posts have crossed trillions while the live broadcasts have crossed a staggering 5 Bn videos.

Facebook averages 7$ in revenue per user, with close to 70 Billion in revenues in 2019, what heights do you think facebook will grow to ?

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