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Letter of the Day! : #O

#Oracle is a pivotal player when it comes to databases, with a #DBMS market size of $54 Billion.

Boasting a massive 135k employees, #Oracle has spent more than $6 Billion on R&D in 2020. This in turn has contributed to the massive 20k #patents it has.

#Oracle scaled up to a $39 Billion in revenues, with a major contribution from the #Cloud and #Licensing divisions.

#Oracle has over 500k customers, based out of 175 countries with 30k partners helping them scale #globally.

Oracle is the most popular #databasemanagementsystem in the world and ranks 2nd among the world's largest companies.

It also has a 5% share in the #CRM domain and a 5% share as well in the #SaaS market. Its #cloudcomputing market share is closer to 3% and slowly gaining traction.

What do you think is the next play for #Oracle?

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