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Hey there! I know you must be anxious right now. You are making important life and career decisions. I've been there as well. Are you interested in becoming a Product Manager, but not sure where to start? I'm here to share my experiences and lessons learned with you! 'm here not just to offer advice but to form a lasting partnership. Together, we'll navigate challenges, set ambitious goals, and celebrate milestones. As your mentor, I'm invested in your journey and eager to witness your long-term achievements. Let's embark on this enriching and transformative mentorship journey together!


I wouldn't have reached where I am today, without the support of my mentors, with whom I worked on my shortcomings and transitioned from engineering to a product management role. The guidance I received, enabled me to not only transition into the product domain but also successfully ship multiple products ground up. Now, I want to be that mentor for you. Let me help streamline your journey into Product Management, so you can avoid the same challenges I faced. Together, we can take your career to new heights!

I want you to derive value out of our time together as we embark on this journey I have broken these down into segments where we can spend time 1-1 on work on areas you need help with!  I want to help you in a way, that will allow you to keep growing, and help you in the long run, not just the short term. 

Feel free to shoot a message my way on my LinkedIn and we can connect and get started! 



Here we will work on the following items : 

  1. Getting to know you and your goals. 

  2. Building a personlized roadmap

  3. Learning & Growth Resources 



Here we will work on the following items : 

  1. ​Resume Building 

  2. LinkedIn Profile Building 

  3. Portfolio Building 

Lilach Gradient


Here we will work on the following items : 

  1. Tailored Networking Strategies ​

  2. Job Application Strategies

  3. Referral Strategy

Blue Gradient


Here we will work on the following items : 

  1. Building Product Skills​

  2. PM Specific Interview Mocks on product sense, design, execution etc. ​​

Drop me a message on Linkedin to get started! 

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