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customer activation - wow factor

The WoW moment is the juncture when a user encounters the fundamental value proposition of your application or product for the very first time. This constitutes the second stage among the three phases of a user's progression from initial sign-up to integrating the core value proposition into their routine. You can read more about the first step in the previous article.

The Activation Process initiates at the setup moment, as users execute actions that better position them to experience the core value proposition. Subsequently, users delve into experiencing the core value proposition, referred to as the wow moment.

Ultimately, culminating the activation journey is the habit moment, which denotes when a user ingrains a routine around the core value proposition. Once a habit is established, users attain the status of activation, significantly enhancing the likelihood of sustained engagement and long-term retention.

Unveiling the Core Value Proposition through real-world examples!

Let us take a step back and reflect on the era before the advent of ride-sharing apps. Hailing a taxi was a constant struggle. However, after using Lyft for the first time, you likely thought, "Amazing! I can now summon a ride with a tap, and access comprehensive details about my ride - the driver's identity, estimated arrival time, their rating, and more." This constitutes your 'wow moment'.

Let's take a look at a social media product available and deep dive into the concept of activations. Today, companies need to drive users to complete minimum actions that drive them towards experiencing the core value proposition while having the least friction possible. Facebook's success was the attainment of 7 friends within a span of 10 days. This particular benchmark, rather than any other strategy, ignited the evolution of what we now recognize as the wow moment.

It is worth noting, however, that the "7 friends in 10 days" threshold does not inherently represent the wow moment. Merely accumulating 7 friends in 10 days on Facebook does not capture the essence of its core value proposition, which revolves around an engaging content feed. Instead, the attainment of "7 friends in 10 days" establishes the optimal circumstances for users to undergo the wow moment. This signifies the setup moment –it paves the way for users to immerse into the core value proposition's experience, characterized by an intriguing content feed.

Crafting the 'WoW Moment' Encounter

The 'wow moment' is the initial impression that dictates whether a user will revisit your product. An unfavorable first impression diminishes the likelihood of return and habituation. The process of creating this moment involves:

  1. Establishing a metric to define the 'wow moment' – indicating if a user has encountered the core value proposition.

  2. Identifying opportunities to enhance activation by scrutinizing the activation flow.

  3. Enhance activation by focusing on the four fits: product, notifications, incentives, and social interactions.

  4. Shape the experience of your 'wow moment'."

Consider a parallel from acquiring a foreign language during childhood. Unless one was deeply passionate about languages, the learning experience was often dull and theoretical.

Contrast this with contemporary approaches like Duolingo, where the language learning app resembles a game upon initial use. After engaging with Duolingo, you might just be amazed by acquiring proficiency in a foreign language without even realizing it as it feels like playing a game. Let me leave you with this thought until we get to the last piece of the segment!

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