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Letter of the Day : #D

A lesser know uber rival, #DIDI has pretty big share in the China Market! They have pretty good numbers to back up the solid rivalry it holds with #Uber, #Ola, #Lyft, #Grab

Launched in 2012, it currently has 600 mn users amassing around 10 bn trips yearly. It's not all localized, as around 2 mn users have used the English version of Didi.

On a day to day basis, users hail an average of 30 mn rides across china. It is available across 400 cities in china.

It has gross bookings of around $40 billion with the latest valuation of $56 billion

It also runs an Didi Auto services platform which employes 10k partners grossing revenues of $5 bn.

It covers a total of 21 mn drivers, with women drivers accounting for 10% of the workforce.

A lesser covered fact would be Apple investing around a $1 bn dollars in DIDI , while the DIDI/Uber operations merger was valued at $30 Bn.

Do you think DIDI can compete in global markets and un-restrict itself from the china region ? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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