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Letter : #A

#Apple You just can't get enough.

With iPhones to MacBooks to Airpods, here is a breakdown of how it fares in the market.

Having 100 Mn active Mac users with 31 Macs sold per min, it captures around 10% of the market share and growing at a steady pace.

With around ~500 stores, and 1.5 billion active users, and a market capitalization of 1 trillion, they enjoy a huge market share globally.

Apple TV being one of the underdogs at Apple, has about 8000 apps and 25% of them just being games. Apple will be soon spending $ 6 bn to grow this service, currently standing at 37 mn units sold globally.

The iCloud play may not be recognized globally but still has 768 mn iCloud users, now available in 175 countries.

Airpods being the latest foray and one of my favourites has sold out 60 million units.

With around 500 physical stores, and 1.5 active apple users, and a market capitalization of 1 trillion, they certainly top have a huge market share globally.

With revenues averaging at $250 billion, you have to give it up to them for their branding and marketing efforts which makes it a top branding power house.

What are your predictions for Apple ?

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