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Letter of the day and last one for the series: #Z

The secret behind #Zara’s Retail Success:

There’s a saying that #Zara produces fresh baked clothes and I would soo agree to it. It is one of my favorite brands to shop from simply because it keeps up with the latest #fashion, is of high quality, beautiful, and yet affordable to an extent!

The secret of Zara’s success largely is because of the way it follows #streetfashion trends with the changing time.

#Zara produces around 450 million items a year. How can it stay so efficient with the sheer volume that passes through its #supplychain?

Regular, small-batch deliveries happen with clockwork precision twice a week to all of their stores around the world.

Needless to say, there is a synergy between Zara’s #businessstrategy and #operational process. The company owns its supply chain and competes on its speed to market, literally embodying the idea of #fastfashion.

#Zara makes 85% of the full price on its clothes, while the industry average is 60-70%. Unsold items account for just 10% of its stock compared to an industry average of 17-20%.

What do you think is new in store for #Zara?

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