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A-Z Series! Next up is Letter: #H

#Chocolate is a here to stay! One of my favorite chocolates to munch on has got to be the #Hersheys Kisses- Dark Chocolate.

Undoubtedly over the years, #Hershey did become a huge #brand over the years and definitely a household name for sure!

Let us have a look at some of the cool facts which probably you all did not know about the Hershey Chocolate Company; founded by Milton S. Hershey 🤔

#Hershey now produces over 60 million Kisses each day from basic milk & dark iterations to some fancy varieties ranging from super-sized Deluxe Kisses to Birthday cake Flavored candies.

>The most famous Hershey's Chocolate World location is the shop in New York City's #TimesSquare, but there are also emporiums in Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, and Singapore.

>Hershey's products are tested in a secret chocolate lab. It's so secure that most employees haven't set foot in it!

There are dozens of unique chocolate-covered experiences in store for you in the Hershey Town, the sweetest place on Earth Literally 😋

What can be the next craving treat could Hershey come up with that can beat their Kisses?

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