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Letter of the Day! : #I

With 1 Billion monthly active users and 500 Million daily active users, #Instagram is pretty addictive & has to be my recent favorite #socialmedia app!

People use a lot of the core #features offered on the product with 500 Million daily users using #instagramstories.

With revenues crossing 20 Billion, 80% of the users are from the non-US region having a #global presence in most of the countries.

As many as 11% of the people rely on #Instagram as the source of their news, with it going as high as 60% for the #millennial population.

The hashtag features have increased engagement by 15% on an average and 4 million #Instagramadvertisers use the story AD's feature. The direct picture messaging feature is also used by a billion users globally.

#Instagram has a higher spend time per user compared to other apps closing around 20 minutes per user. 80% of the teens are using this app and it helps in targeting this demographic using ADs.

The #igtv feature also has 7 Million installs already while the #Instagram checkout feature is set to bring in $10 billion revenue in #2021.

With a 100 Billion valuation, what feature do you anticipate will help #Insta take it to the next level?

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