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Johnson & Johnson

Letter of the Day! : #J

People all across the globe enjoy the products and benefits of #johnsonandjohnson on a daily basis.

#JohnsonandJohnson was founded more than 120 years ago on a radical idea. It provides #medical & diagnostic sections that offer surgical equipments, orthopedic products, #monitoring devices, and contact lenses.

The team brought new ideas & products that can transform human health and well being to use the hygienic sutures, dressings, and bandages to pleasure people's wounds.

Because of the #mergersandacquisitions, they are now the world’s largest and most largely based #healthcare company with a market cap of about $407.04B and assets claim of nearly $170.69B.

It has a better #profitability than 80% & a Net Margin than 71.43% of the companies on the Drug Manufacturers industry.

What do you think was their #productstrategy?

For starters, #johnsonandjohnson well-executed #competitiveintelligence (CI) strategy following the famous marketing defensive block!

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