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Letter of the Day: #K

#Kelloggs, the original plant-based well-being company that is recently eyeing #acquisitions to bump up its sales.

It has been offering a nourished tastier breakfast every day and undoubtedly has been a #household favorite for more than 30 years straight!

Talking about #kelloggs, how can I not mention their flagship #product that took a light and amusing spin on the fact that every member of the family has varied tastes and preferences.

Kellogg's introduced its very own quintessential modern Indian Family with the launch of its 360-degree #digitalcampaign that leveraged platforms such as #YouTube, #Facebook, and #Twitter to engage with #consumers and promote over 100 recipes on cornflakes.

What caught everyone's attention was the #marketing tagline they emphasized upon: “There is only one way to eat corn flakes- Your way”.

They kept it simple with their #productstrategy: Make packs accessible and affordable for the consumer!

Out of the total 8 million #FMCG outlets, around 750,000 outlets stock breakfast cereal products, and #Kellogg India is able to service 600,000 outlets.

Do you think apart from its flagship product, the company should push its sales to its oats portfolio and Pringles?

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