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Letter of the day #L

With a brand value of $5 Bn and revenues of $8 Bn, #LinkedIn is king when it comes to a #socialnetworking site for #business#professionals.

Available in over 200 countries, #LinkedIn was acquired by #Microsoft for a massive price of $26.2 Billion which had led to an increase in the new #LinkedIn members by 50%.

US is the country with the largest #LinkedIn audience size accounting for 58.5 Million users, with age group of 24-35 being the core demographic.

690 Million users are enrolled on this platform and around 40% of the people use this every day.

A massive 150k articles are created on #LinkedIn every day, as it expands into newer feature sets such as #linkedinlearning

It makes $1.39 Billion in #advertising#revenue with "Sponsored Posts " being the most effective format on #LinkedIn. 50% of Marketers using this for #marketing purposes as well.

What do you think should #LinkedIn add into their feature set that will see them to the next gamechanger? Let me know your thoughts!

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