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Letter of the day #M

With a staggering 160k employees, #Microsoft has become an inevitable part of our lives. With a 1.3 Trillion Market Cap #Microsoft sure is a big player in the industry.

#Microsoft realizes the importance of R&D and spends heavily with close to $20 Billion on these activities.

Globally revenues stand at $143 Billion for 2020 with 1/3 of its revenues coming out from its #MicrosoftAzureCloud Business.

It is also the largest #software company in the world by 2020 sales revenue at around 4117 Billion.

The Desktop Microsoft Operating System Market holds around 72% of the market share while the Office 365 suite is at the 50% mark making them market leaders within their respective domains.

It holds a 20% share in the #cloudcomputing space and is the second-biggest vendor in the #IaaS space.

Not to forget its foray into #gaming the #Xbox sold close to 5 Million units last year and had almost 100m, active users, in a month in 2020.

With clever #LinkedIn and #Github#acquisitions, what big play will Microsoft take in 2021? Let me know your thoughts!

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