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Letter of the Day!: #N

2020 being a stay at home year for the most period, #Netflix was one of the top picks of the year!

With 200 million #subscribers and a 400 million user reach, they top the #onlinestreaming segment, with 62 million subscribers in the US alone.

With $20 Billion in revenue and having a #brand value of 30 billion associated with it as per reports, one in 4 adults in the US streames #Netflix daily.

#Netflix also ships DVDs which is a lesser-known part of its business and must have shipped around 5 billion DVDs to date.

It has a pretty wide reach spanning 190 countries, consuming around 10% of the internet #global#bandwidth which covers around 5000 movie titles and 1500 tv shows making content satisfying multiple audiences.

It has pretty rich and captivating content with 128 Emmy nominations winning 37 of them. With other awards, it is not far behind having 27 nominations for the #GoldenGlobe winning 4 and also 6 wins in the Academy Awards.

Extraction one of its top hits had 100 million #viewership in the first month, with other shows such as Queens Gambit and Bird Box following suit as well.

How do you think #Netflix will fare this year?

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