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Letter of the Day!: #P

It seems like #Paypal has been around forever which makes it easy to take it for granted but let's look at how it has fared since its inception.

#Paypal has 305 million active users with 25 million active #Paypal merchants accounts. It is available in 100 currencies and over 200 markets.

Its #revenue has grossed $17.77 Billion and 12.4 Billion in payment transactions in 2019 alone. Mobile #payments volume transacted accounted for $227 Billion in 2018.

On average 40 transactions are carried out by individual accounts on a yearly basis. It has also invested $750 Million in MercadoLibre and $500 Million in #Uber.

71% of the US #ecommerce businesses have the #Paypal button on their website with the #brand recognition of 99% and accounts for 14% of all payment modes.

Average #PayPal small business loans have an amount of $50k and have issued these to 225k unique sellers.

With $712 Billion of payments transacted through #Paypal, what do you think it needs to do to become the number 1 #paymentgateway and wallet globally?

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