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Product Management Case Study Approach by Devesh Verma takes you onto a whole journey from new product ideation to launch is one of the top reads for understanding the product management lifecycle. The book is a good read for anyone who wants to understand the nitty-gritties of product management where the writer has done a great job to simplify the concepts to a bite-size for easy understanding and learning.

This book covers the entire product management lifecycle and uses a case study approach to take you on this journey. The book has a step-by-step journey covering a wide array of topics to build a successful application in today's time.

Figure : Product Management Lifecycle (Image Source:

The book goes into length and talks about the varied topics in the above-mentioned figure which encompass the product management lifecycle. The identification bit takes you through the user pain points, personas, and value propositions. The idea stage helps you through the ideation and prioritizations of ideas/features and feasibility understanding. The conceptualization phase takes you through market analysis while the business case analysis takes you through marketing, sales, and engagement projections.

Once you have a concrete shortlisted idea, you go through the prototyping and creating a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), followed by validation and market testing. Post collection of metrics and market test evaluations we can move on to any modifications, bug fixes, and extensive testing. For the launch, we need to have a Go-To-Market plan that we will be using to drive the launch and growth into the market while making sure we have data tracking and monitoring in place so that we can gain actionable insights and iteratively build upon them.

My key learnings and takeaways were to easily understand the tools and technologies product managers use at each stage of the product lifecycle while getting a thorough understanding of the expected outcomes and deliverables at each stage. The illustrations were a plus that helped in easy understanding of the concepts!

This book will be really helpful for product management folks who are breaking into product management or launching a new app/feature in their product, while consultants also can get insights into a product execution plan. This could also serve as a baseline for entrepreneurs and startups trying to launch their first product into the market.

Link to the book :

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