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Letter of the Day! : #Q

Is #QuickHeal total security good?

In my personal opinion, I do think that is high-priced than the competition and somewhat slightly less effective at protection.

#QuickHeal is an #antivirus product suite with overactive alerts and that makes its presence felt right from the time it is installed!

#QuickHealTotalSecurity is priced at $74 for one user for one year. That is a really high price considering the industry standard is $100 to $110 to protect 10 devices for a year.

There are also deluxe #securitysuites with far more extra features than #QuickHeal such as secure #cloud backup and encrypted file vaults.

If we talk about #performance there are a lot of interesting features but they do not quite make up for the high price we have to pay.

All in all, #QuickHeal has a usable interface and a whole lot of settings to tweak, but the protection scores are not as high as other competitors. On top of that, it’s expensive at $75 for three devices.

What according to you are some of the better options with more value for your money than what #QuickHeal offers?

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