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Ralph Lauren

Letter of the Day : #R

You should recall #ralphlauren primarily because I am sure all of us have seen #FRIENDS at least once if not to say 10 times like I did!

It was only due to the #product placement that went into total overdrive in the fifth season of Friends after Rachel Green started working for the fashion house, that I was introduced to this Luxury #AmericanFashion Brand.

It has been 25 years since one of the most iconic #television shows, Friends, first aired. And all around the world, fans of the sitcom did toast to Monica, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel. There was even a pop-up with the Central Perk set all laid out in #NewYork to mark the occasion!

The latest to jump on the #Friends25 bandwagon was the designer label #RalphLauren.

#Marketing gimmick if you want to call it, but to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of FRIENDS and to capitalize on this history, the brand teamed up with #WarnerBros to curate a collection dubbed “Wear To Work” based on Rachel's sartorial legacy.

What else could you expect; there's even a video of the models recreating the Friends' opening credits video with the couch and the fountain.

Could this be any more perfect?

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