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Letter of the day: #S

Do bigger things!

Using this motto, #Samsung has created a 320k + employee headcount based out of 73 countries.

With grossing a massive $300 billion in sales and having a $50 billion #brand value as per studies#Samsungg forays mainly into the #smartphones and television segments.

#SamsungGalaxy being their prominent line selling out 2 billion units, with the newer 5g #technology selling out almost close to 7 million devices makes it one of the stronger competitors in the mobile segment.

India being one of the top markets for #Samsung, it has close to a 25% market share shipping 150+ million devices yearly.

Coming to the #television segment, it has a close to 30% #marketshare with more than 75 million units sold annually having 2.5 million weekly visitors to the #Samsung Smart TV Smart Hub.

#Samsungpay the lesser-known service through #Samsung has a 10 million user base, available in 25 markets, and handles millions of #transactions.

With spendings of $15 billion on R&D, what do you think the future holds for #Samsung?

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