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Letter of the Day : #T

With a staggering 2020 in terms of growth for #Tesla, being a part of the NASDAQ index, and growth of 3600% since the stock first sold in 2020, this has to be a no-brainer for our A-Z picks of the years.

Grossing 20 billion+ in revenue and 1 million cars built, the #Autocar maker is sure making headlines in the electric vehicle space.

With an estimated valuation of $60 billion and 40k employee, and investing $2.6 billion for Solar city this company is surging making in-roads in the automotive sector.

One of the most talked up features about the #Tesla has to be their impressive Auto-Pilot feature, with 1 accident in 4.59 million miles with autopilot engaged.

The in-vehicle #safety of the car has top of the segment with a 5-star rating and having a very low probability of injury due to the car's make.

With records, of having the world's fastest #electric car combined with the best safety features and the biggest #infotainment system onboard, this surely turns some heads!

With #Tesla owners happy with their deliveries a survey has estimated that 95% of the users would return back to purchase a tesla garnering a high brand loyalty.

Would you switch to a #Tesla or buy one in the future?


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