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Uber Eats

Letter of the Day! : #U

Imagine a world without #Uber Cabs, something that has drastically altered how we view ride-hailing and sharing in today's world!

With an IPO in 2019, and leading the ride-hailing segment majority globally it has 100+ Million monthly active users and is steadily growing YoY. It employs 22k employees with a valuation of close to a 100 Billion.

They also have a segment called as #UberEats, which is actively used by 15 Million users spanning across 30% share of the Global food delivery market.

Uber Eats accounts for 2.5 Billion in revenue in 2019 alone spanning across 500 cities. The total revenue Uber as a whole raked in for 2019 stood at a staggering 14 Billion.

It has 200 Million + app downloads with users taking an average of 5 trips a month.

There are about 4 Million Uber Drivers, with a total payout of 80 Billion to them averaging 17 trips a day. The tips have also grossed out to 600 Million to the drivers.

It is currently available in 700 cities and 78 countries with 12 Billion rides taken #globally with 15 Million rides taken daily.

With 65 Billion in revenues, what do you think about Uber's growth post-pandemic?

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