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Letter of the Day! : #X

#Xerox prints new vision with #marketing!

#Xerox promotion strategies vary based on different segments as the #products are designed for household use, business use, and even industrial & office use.

The different #promotion strategies employed by #Xerox include ad campaigns via TVs, especially during high viewership slots.

The company also employs the #B2B ad campaigns that portray its capabilities as well as its new product lines thus enabling customers to efficiently and effectively run their businesses.

What's fascinating about it is that over the years Xerox has changed its pricing strategies in its #marketingmix to remain #profitable and #competitive at the same time.

Currently, Xerox’s WorkCentre series printers start at the price of $259 and go up to $15000 plus depending on the various specifications and capabilities.

Being truly a #global company with its #operations in nearly more than 160 countries how do you think its place and distribution #strategy would fare?

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